To advance understanding of the developmental and environmental processes that influence health through the life-course.


To conduct cutting-edge research to discover the mechanisms underlying the interaction between the environmental factors, genetic and epigenetic processes with respect to their influence on health and the risk of disease across the life-course. Through our collaborative network we aim to accelerate the translation of our knowledge to make a positive impact on health, well-being and society.


  • Established thought leaders

  • Access to established cohorts with diverse ethnicities

  • Translational medical and clinical expertise

  • Bioinformatic capability

  • Animal and in-vitro models

  • A focus on nutritional outcomes


EpiGen has several established and successful collaborations with both industry and academia.  We continue to reach out to like-minded groups around the world who value synergistic collaboration for greater research impact.  If your organisation is seeking expertise or wishes to propose a collaborative project, please contact us using the boxes below.