March 2021 - Primary outcome manuscript "Myo-inositol, Probiotics and Micronutrient Supplementation from Preconception for Glycemia in Pregnancy: NiPPeR International Multi-center Double-blind Randomized Controlled Trial" published in Diabetes Care

Dec 2019 - New Publication: First step taken to find causes of muscle wasting disease

August 2019 -  Preterm Birth: A Narrative Review of the Current Evidence on Nutritional and Bioactive Solutions for Risk Reduction

July 2019 - ANRIL DNA methylation at birth may act as a mediator for the influence of maternal pre-pregnancy BMI on childhood adiposity

January 2019 - NiPPeR Study Update

8th January 2019 - Child's risk of obesity influenced by changes in genes

25 April 2017 - Risk of obesity influenced by changes in our genes

14th September 2015 - New study reports low consumption of whole grains by pregnant women in Singapore

29th July 2015 - New study to examine the impact of nutrients before and during pregnancy on the health of mothers and their babies

18th July 2015 - Profile: The Liggins Institute, New Zealand

24th April 2015 - Epigenetic marks lay foundations for a child’s future abilities

3rd March 2015 - EpiGen to collaborate with Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences on Sarcopenia

4th Feb 2015 - Infant gut microbiota linked with gestation duration, delivery method and healthy weight gain

22nd Nov 2014 - Nestlé Research Center announces collaboration with EpiGen, a leading consortium for epigenetics research