Dr Justin O’Sullivan
Associate Professor Justin O’Sullivan BSc (Hons), PhD
Associate Professor, Liggins Institute, University of Auckland

Justin O’Sullivan’s group takes a holistic approach to understand genomes and cell structure formation, function, and inheritance. Their goal is to interpret the relationships between what a cell’s DNA codes for (the genotype) and what is actually seen (the phenotype) in terms of genome biology. To do this they use and develop methods and technologies from molecular biology, bioinformatics, and computational biology to integrate the spatial organisation of genomes with measures of their function. Dr O’Sullivan is currently interested in: 1) how single nucleotide polymorphisms work together to contribute to growth and complex diseases; 2) how the mitochondria contributes to the regulation of nuclear genes; 3) how genomes change shape during development and migration and how these changes affect genes and replication; 4) how bacteria and single-celled eukaryotes organise their genomes to optimise cellular metabolism; 5) the role of host selection on the microbiome during development/treatment of complex disorders.