Dr Sit Soon Tuck
Dr Sit Soon Tuck PhD, MBA
EpiGen Project Manager, Singapore

Soon Tuck holds a PhD in Cell Biology from the National University of Singapore and a MBA from the Singapore Management University. Prior to joining SICS in 2012 as the Singapore Project Manager of the EpiGen Consortium, he completed a post-doctoral fellowship investigating signal transduction pathways regulating cell motility. He is responsible for the operational management of EpiGen projects, and manages intellectual property and commercialisation activities that arise from the various research programs. While no longer conducting research on a day-to-day basis, his passion for the sciences animates his work with EpiGen. Soon Tuck also currently serves as the Head of the Industry Alliance Office of SICS, where he leads a team that seeks to create and sustain strategic partnerships with both academic and commercial organisations to drive translational clinical research.